Eller Repro Druck, Villingen-Schwenningen

"With refurbished rollers by witt falztechnik, we were able to lower the operating costs
for our folding machines quite considerably. In our opinion, the quality of the refurbished
folding rollers is equivalent to that of a new folding roller. Because witt falztechnik has
a wide selection of stock goods, maintenance and replacement can be performed
quickly and reliably."

Mr Eller (Managing Director) and
Mr Fluck (Technical Manager, Finishing)



Rettner Druck, Weidenberg

"Before, we often had to wait for weeks for new parts for our folding and specialised
machines. Now, all we need to do is call Mr Witt and our machines are serviced quickly
and dependably. With the refurbished folding rollers of witt falztechnik, we have had
nothing but positive experiences regardless of the fact that we're saving costs by
using refurbished folding rollers.

Mr Rettner (Managing Director)